Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

Are you able to customise an order for my dogs needs?

Of course...! The Barkery has full certification in Animal Feed Nutrition to help us understand every animals dietry requirements and needs. Please do not hesitate to email or call to make sure we can bake the perfect treat.

Where can I find new treats and the latest news?

For more infomation on what The Barkery is up to, please go to our Facebook and Instagram pages. There you will find the best and latest news on products and what our amazing customers say. Any and all enquires can be personally messaged and answered through these platforms too.

What makes your treats different to other company treats?

All of our treats and chews are natural and have incredible health benefits. They are all created to give dogs the health boost they need whilst being delicious. There are no hidden ingredients or preservatives that would give them a quick sugar spike and upset tummies. The Barkery's mission is to provide pets with not only tastey treats but treats that can help them with any possible health conditions. For example, to improve coat and skin health, dental health, joint and bone care, or muscle development. Additionally, the treats are natural so there will be no nasty side effects like chemical medications. We want owners to have piece of mind that their dog's treats are benefiting their health and well-being without feeling guilty about giving them treats when they give you the " puppy dog" eyes.

Why do you use Sardines in your training treats?

Because Sardines are so small and they only eat plankton and not other mercury contaminated fish, their mercury levels are extremely low! They have such a short life span and being at the bottom of the food chain, their bodies don't have the time to absorb the mercury like bigger and fatty fish. Sardines are extremely low in fat and very high in protein. The Barkery has personally selected the right ingredients down to the minor details to protect your animals, whilst providing extremely healthy treats. For more infomation on mercury in dogs, please see:

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! We want to make sure we're helping the planet as much as possible. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. They can be regranulated and used in extruding new plastic pouches. Theoretically, this can be done over and over again without losing its original properties and there is no need for any new raw materials. We need to do our part for the planet if we want our dog's to have delicious treats!



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