Mental Health Raffle

World Mental Health day was Oct 10th and we have had the honour of being asked to be apart of the giveaway for all of october! £1 donated to any mental health charity is 1 entry into the raffle with amazing prizes to be won for all of your fur babies.

This is such an important cause to me because I have struggled with my mental health since I was a teenager. Now 27, I still struggle. I have been on medication for my depression and anxiety for 4 years now. I had such bad postnatal depression after having my first son, I can hardly remember his first year and didn't bond with him at all. I am thankful that I took so many videos and photos of his first year because of not being able to remember it. I beat myself up all the time about it.

Then when I find out I was pregnant with my second son, my hormones really went all over the place and affected my mental health. When he was nearly a year old, I finally went to my GP and began my tablets. I was then diagnosed with ADHD.

I have been fine on my tablets since! But during the summer, I had a really bad turn. I don't know if it was down to the lockdown, having all four boys home, starting my business, and everything just came crashing down on me.

I had lost heart in my business and became suicidal.

One night, I couldn't sleep and just kept crying. While everyone was sleeping, I went downstairs and sat on the floor crying. My two big malamutes came and sat with me. Lyla pressed her head against my chest and we stayed like that for about 30 mins. I then wrote letters to my boys and my husband and went out in the garden with my dogs at about 5am and watched the sunrise. They stayed with me the whole time. I went back up to bed and when we woke up, the boys were having breakfast and I broke down to my husband.

If it weren't for talking to him, his family, and my family, I definitely wouldn't be here now.

There is such a stigma on mental health now as there was years ago. But we need to talk and rely on others! We can't always keep it together and be the rock for everyone else, we are only human and need support.

So this is why this raffle means so much to me! I have also started a facebook fundraiser on my personal page which I have shared to The Barkery page too.

Thank you for reading this and if I can help you in anyway, I am only a message away!

- Khira xxxxx


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