Our Mission

All of our treats and chews are natural and have incredible health benefits. They are all created to give dogs the health boost they need whilst being delicious. There are no hidden ingredients or preservatives that would give them a quick sugar spike and upset tummies.

The Barkery's mission is to provide pets with not only tastey treats but treats that can help them with any possible health conditions. For example, to improve coat and skin health, dental health, joint and bone care, or muscle development. Additionally, the treats are natural so there will be no nasty side effects like chemical medications.

We want owners to have piece of mind that their dog's treats are benefiting their health and well-being without feeling guilty about giving them treats when they give you the " puppy dog" eyes.

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There are so many dog treat, dog food, and subscription companies out there and they all sound great! So why choose us? Firstly, look at the ingredients. Do they use starches? Fillers and thickeners?



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