What makes The Barkery Different?

There are so many dog treat, dog food, and subscription companies out there and they all sound great! So why choose us?

Firstly, look at the ingredients. Do they use starches? Fillers and thickeners? Such as Potato Starch, Pea Protein isolate, or Tapioca flour/starch? They're not necessarily bad for dogs but they have no nutritional value at all! They cause a quick sugar spike since they have nothing for the body to absorb from it which is not good for your dogs especially diabetic dogs!

I refuse to use any of these in my treats and chews just to make them last longer or make more for less money. I keep everything fresh and use the full fruit, veg, or herbs to make sure our pups get the most out of them!

Secondly, they aren't your standard, hard biscuits that can be left in the cupboard for a year! I bake them at a lower temperature so they don't lose any nutrients and they stay soft. They really are a lovely texture! Kind of like mini Jaffa Cakes, nice sponge and bounce to them but hold their shape nicely so they can help your dogs teeth without being harsh on their mouths!

I also refuse to use any sort of "meal" in my products. Whatever part of the animal I use, I will say exactly that in our ingredients! There is no need to hide or have a vague description of each ingredient. Honesty is the best policy in all aspects of life! And almost all of our ingredients are locally sourced from farms and butchers in our village!

All of our treats and chews have been created to give our dogs the most nutrients whilst being delicious. I have thought very carefully about which ingredients to use and which to combine. I have a full list of ingredients I plan to use in the near future so our dogs have a range of products to help them with all sorts of problematic areas of the body!

I hope this helps to make your decision a bit more clearer and when doing research on other businesses as to what they use in their ingredients and how they'll benefit your dogs!

The Barkery ❤😊



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